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    Eric F Glass

    I’m wanting to link posts together, I need 2 posts at a time, both being the same topic, to be able to click back and forth from each other using 2 designated buttons. Even though both posts will be published at the same time, I want the to be separate posts.
    I have heard of the now unsupported plugin “posts 2 posts”, as a newbie developer I would like to learn how to do this via code both for education and to minimize the amount of plugins… but I will use a plugin if too complex for me, for now.
    The site still needs a lot of work, willing and would love to meet with someone if they want to help one on one.

    Eric Juden


    You might check out something like Piklist. It’s a framework for WordPress developers and I know it has support to do post to post relationships.

    Also, I’d bet that ‘posts 2 posts’ still works. If you’re curious about how to build the relationship on your own, I’d dissect the ‘posts 2 posts’ plugin to see what they are doing.


    Eric F Glass

    Fellow Eric (glad our names end with a ‘c’ and not a ‘k’)
    Thanks for the advice. and pointing out this plugin / framework. I’m normally pretty good dealing with documentation and codexes, but the documentation for Piklist is confusingme for some reason. Perhaps it’s the season? ha.

    I’ll look into the post 2 post plugin’s functionality and see what’s going on in there. Yes I’m sure it still works, but for how long? Oy vey!

    Thanks again,
    Eric G.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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