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    Eric F Glass

    Having an issue with ACF. I have an field that won’t keep an image once I update the page. In other words, it accepts the image into the field, but is no longer there when I update. I issued a ticket to ACF support, but they were not much help, they told me

    I believe there is a file permission issue that is preventing the files from being set as post attachments on your server.
    Please check whether the issue will be replicated when you do a clean install of your WordPress.

    Sadly it WAS a fresh install of WordPress as I uploaded the site I’m developing (with underscores framework), to a sub-domain so they could get into it. So the issue was replicated when I moved it up to the web from my localhost. I told them this and have not heard back from their support. arg.

    Even more odd, is that I have a very similar input in another field group and that works.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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