Three quick WordPress Tips

Everyone loves a good list of tips. These are a few of my favorite, but feel free to sound off in the comments with your own.

1. Access the Admin with /admin – You don’t have to navigate to to login. You can just point to your or my favorite and especially easy to remember your

2. Command + K – What sounds like a funky European DJ is actually a recent update to the Visual Editor. When you want to add a link while writing, highlight your text and hit command + K to bring up the insert/edit link dialog box. Windows folks can use ctrl +K.

3. Turn off Comments for Pages – Nothing looks weirder than having a relatively static page (like the About or Contact pages) with random and ancient comments. Turn off comments for these sort of pages and funnel that dialog to posts, email, contact forms, or social media.

One thought on “Three quick WordPress Tips”

  1. As for Visual Editor shortcuts, I know I use these a lot for the headings 1-6:

    Command + 1 (Ctrl + 1 on windows/linux) changes the selected text to Heading 1 text. Same goes for Command + 2, etc…

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